Are STD Tests Covered By Health Insurance?

An STD test is not useful only when one starts noticing the symptoms of an infection. Every sexually active person owes it to themselves (and their partners) to always know if they are in the clear or if medication is needed.

This is especially important for those in non-monogamous relationships, because they are far more vulnerable to catching an STD/STI than those in monogamous relationships.

get std tested new york cityWhile some STDs like Chlamydia are mild and easy to treat, others like HIV/AIDS are life threatening.

In addition, some STDS can lead to infertility and issues with unborn children, so the earlier a patient knows about the state of their health, the better it is for all concerned.

Those whose insurance plans that cover the cost of testing for sexually transmitted infections are much more likely to access test services regularly. So knowing whether you’re covered or not can make the difference between being healthy (or not).

STD Testing Costs

free STD test at a planned parenthood clinic

In the US, private specialty laboratory expenses for STD tests ranges between $100 and $500, typically.

If not covered by insurance, a typical US hospital will charge between $50 and $200. This spread exists because the expense will depend on the nature of the tests carried out.

Patients often do not want their STD status to reflect in their medical record, so they use the anonymous services of private testing companies including online STD test services, who typically charge between $50 and $150 for a single-STD test. Online testing companies also offer packages for multiple tests which cost between $300 and $400.

Many US cities offer Free STD Test clinics, too.  If the patient is a student at a university/college, then their school clinic typically offers free tests.

If the major concern is HIV, an at-home STD test will cost between $70 and $200. Here, one has to mail a sample to a laboratory for analysis. A conversation with a counselor follows.

Knowing if you are covered

Most insurance companies offer a single physical examination and a preventive care check for STDs each year.

std testing for marriage

If the patient happens to want or need additional tests, then they have to pay out of pocket.

In situations where an STD check is required for medical reasons – such as pregnancy, the insurance company typically pay for the tests involved as well as for the treatment.

Policies related to STD testing can be complex, so we recommend talking directly to the company to get a clear idea of what is covered and any important exclusions.

In situations where the insurance company does not cover STD tests, the patient needs to look for the options indicated earlier. Many clinics offer STS test services to cash buyers at a steep discount from list. Others will offer them free.

For students, college/university medical centers almost always do what it takes to help get the student tested.

Sexual health is essential for all citizens, whether in monogamous or multiple relationship situations.

STD tests should be done on a regular basis because some of these diseases are resilient and can incubate for long without detection.

One of the most effective ways of making sure this is done is for insurance companies and citizens to leverage comprehensive medical coverage, so it removes the cost barrier from our public health concerns.

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