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The Problems Of Finding A Job After Drug Rehab

The Problems Of Finding A Job After Drug Rehab

Drug rehab is a rewarding, empowering journey for many struggling with drug addiction. It is the chance to tackle problems head-on, admit to the illness and make a change.

Many come out the other side physically and mentally stronger, and able to make big life changes. One of the most important of those changes is employment. Returning to work allows former addicts to regain a sense of control and self-worth.

A new job and a new opportunity to create a new chapter in their lives.  The first thing a person needs to do is update and create a professional resume. If you are not up to the challenge there are good resume writers available online that can help you

However, it is difficult for many former users to get a job straight out of rehab. Attitudes and opportunities decrease as employers look down on former …