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Are STD Tests Covered By Health Insurance?

Are STD Tests Covered By Health Insurance?

An STD test is not useful only when one starts noticing the symptoms of an infection. Every sexually active person owes it to themselves (and their partners) to always know if they are in the clear or if medication is needed.

This is especially important for those in non-monogamous relationships, because they are far more vulnerable to catching an STD/STI than those in monogamous relationships.

get std tested new york cityWhile some STDs like Chlamydia are mild and easy to treat, others like HIV/AIDS are life threatening.

In addition, some STDS can lead to infertility and issues with unborn children, so the earlier a patient knows about the state of their health, the better it is for all concerned.

Those whose insurance plans that cover the cost of testing for sexually transmitted infections are much more likely to access test services regularly. So knowing whether you’re covered or not can …