How To Spot Xanax Addiction?

Xanax stands as one of the top prescription drugs administered today. It is medically called alprazolam. The drug is classified under the Benzodiazepines drugs, and it is usually given to a patient that suffer from panic disorders or anxiety.

How It Works

Xanax interacts with a brain receptor, which then enhances the brain activity. When the inhibitory brain activity is increased, it will tamper with any problematic enthusiasm that relates to anxiety in the body. It is all about tampering with the uncertain excitement that leads or is linked to anxiety.

Usually, the drug will work in less than an hour after it is taken. The maximum duration for the drug to take effect in the body is about six hours.

Xanax Addiction

Physicians have legit reasons for prescribing Xanax to the patient. For that, any patient that has been medically or psychologically proven to suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, they will be prescribed the medicine.

Nonetheless, the dangers come when the user of the drug get addicted to it. The addiction is usually due to the effect or feeling that the drug gives to the patient. The addiction can start when the patient is taking the drug as they have been prescribed.

The most common way of the drug addiction is when the user gets the drug from a dealer or a friend. They then use the drug for nonmedical basis, just for recreational purposes. Such people take the drug just to force themselves into the euphoria state. The result of abusing the drug can lead to a stressful condition.

What Are The Signs Of The Drug Addiction?

Being classified under the Benzo drugs, Xanax stands as one of the most abused drugs by the youth and other users in the society today.

Here is a look at some of the common signs of Xanax addiction;
• When you have strong cravings for the drug, even when you are not suffering from anxiety or any other panic attacks.
• Depressed or irregular heartbeat, if you have used it most recently.
• Feeling sleepy, or sleeping constantly.
• Symptoms of withdrawal, even when you are not using the drug.
• Low moods.
• Strained relationships with people close to you, like family or friends.
• Drowsiness
• Over excitement constantly
• Loss of memory
• Nausea
• Easily irritated
• Headache
xanax side effects

The patient will also show weird signs of hatred or being irritated, even when everything seems fine.

What Happens When You Withdraw From Xanax?

The side effects of Xanax withdrawal is almost similar to the signs of addiction. However, the patient can experience severe headaches, and they might also experience nausea or even vomit. They will feel weaker than their normal state, and will have issues with their memories.

How Deadly Is Xanax Addiction?

Xanax is not exactly considered a drug that kills though it has some serious side effects when it is abused and misused. A huge risk comes in when the drug is combined with other substances, like alcohol. When the drug is combined with alcohol, the user might end up losing their life. Always use the drug as prescribed to avoid the serious side effects that come with the misuse and abuse.

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