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Over The Counter Medication Drug Abuse

Over The Counter Medication Drug Abuse

Often we think because a drug is over the counter, it isn’t subject to being abused due to the fact no prescription is required. The sad reality of PRESCRIPTION DRUG ABUSE is if you go to teen sites or different social networking sites, many teens will brag about which over the counter drugs they take to get high.

It’s been in the news that people go to drug stores to get cough medicine products with dextromethorphan in order to get an altered sense of reality. What is scary about this is that the recommended quantity is overlooked as well as often the urge to vomit which is the body’s healthy response to overdoing a medication.

Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Effects of Prescription Drug Abuse

Most of the physicians and medical practitioners are of the view that medications are addictive, implying that one of the essential impacts of doctor prescribed medication may prove to be misused after a drug test. Those who are manhandling these torment relievers, narcotics and stimulants may require medicate recovery to fall off these medications securely and accomplish enduring moderation by following the prescription drug abuse. A few individuals will likewise require restorative detoxification before recovery, especially those dependent on benzodiazepines. Withdrawal from benzodiazepines can be hazardous to mental and physical health without cautious restorative supervision and consideration.

The right medicine intake 

The principle medicine stimulants which are found out by DNA test and that are mishandled are the medications given to youngsters when it is viewed as that they are experiencing difficulty centering. Students who need to manhandle the medications figure out how …

Drug Abuse in the Over-60 Crowd

Drug Abuse in the Over-60 Crowd


When we are thinking about drug abuse, we don’t always think that there’s really people older than 60 that’s really abuse drugs. However, if you’re looking at the facts, then you’re realizing that drug abuse doesn’t have an age limit. Everyone, can abuse all kinds of drugs, no matter what age they might be. Here’s some facts and reasons why people over the age of 60, are abusing all kinds of drugs.

Facts around drug abuse in the over- 60 people

According to statistics from the National Clearinghouse for Alcohol and Drug Information, more than 17% of people over the age of 60 are abusing prescription drugs. There are different reasons why so many of the older generation are prescription drug abuse. The statistics show that from these 17%, 44 percent is women and only 23 percent are men that are abusing …

What Parents Can Do To Help To Protect Children From Prescription Drug Abuse

What Parents Can Do To Help To Protect Children From Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has become one of the most dangerous drug habits for many teens. The problem is that most teens can find these drugs in their families, friends, even their grandparents medicine cabinet.  Most teens feel that these are safe because they belong to a family member and have been prescribed by a physician.  They do not realize that these drugs can be habit forming and that not everyone can take the same prescription.  They know that their friends are taking their Mom’s Vicodin or some other form of medication and they think that is pretty cool so they are going to try to see what kind of a buzz or high that they can get from whatever their parent or grandparent is taking.

Where Is The Danger?

With the teenagers feeling a false since of security in the prescriptions drugs, they are more …

Teens Drug Abuse Prevention: Drug Testing Kits at Home

Introduction of at-home drug tests has come to ease & prevent teen drug abuse, a fast growing health problem facing many countries.

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Drug abuse adds kills millions a year, worldwide.

Lack of parenting supervision is a main cause of teen drug abuse. Hence, parents should really guard their kids against drug abuse.

Using at-home drug tests is one reliable way to accomplish this.

Benefit of Drug Testing

Any early intervention leads to effective prevention of addiction. Parents should try to identify any emerging drug abuse among their kids so that taking early prevention can do its job.

Teenagers Are The Most Vulnerable

There’s so much research that has been done regarding how teens are prone to risk of abusing drugs in comparison to adults.

Drug abuse behaviors among teens typically begin in the early adolescence stage. The main reason for that is because there …

Using Instant Home Drug Tests to Help Fight Addiction

Recently there has been an increase in the use of instant home drug tests to help avoid and fight drug addiction.

In fighting drug addiction, there are so many tips that have been researched and confirmed to work.

The call for the use of instant home drug testing helps the family monitor their members as well as individual drug using activists. If the family lacks proper drug testing devices, drug users can more easily deceive their support givers and ruin the family’s hope of curing the addiction.

Why use an instant home drug test?

Using home drug tests to monitor drug usage in the family is helpful for understating individual drug habits, but at no time will it cure the addiction itself.

It’s only through professional help that you can cure the drug addiction; hence, the addict’s family needs a professional even if it means …