Teens Drug Abuse Prevention: Drug Testing Kits at Home

Introduction of at-home drug tests has come to ease & prevent teen drug abuse, a fast growing health problem facing many countries.

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Drug abuse adds kills millions a year, worldwide.

Lack of parenting supervision is a main cause of teen drug abuse. Hence, parents should really guard their kids against drug abuse.

Using at-home drug tests is one reliable way to accomplish this.

Benefit of Drug Testing

Any early intervention leads to effective prevention of addiction. Parents should try to identify any emerging drug abuse among their kids so that taking early prevention can do its job.

Teenagers Are The Most Vulnerable

There’s so much research that has been done regarding how teens are prone to risk of abusing drugs in comparison to adults.

Drug abuse behaviors among teens typically begin in the early adolescence stage. The main reason for that is because there major changes taking place in parts of the teen’s brain that plays a very important role in

  • Self-control functions
  • Judgment function
  • The function planning
  • Organization function
  • Emotion control

A teen’s brain is just not fully developed in regard to the above functions, hence any drug abuse during this stage risks the chance that teens cannot make proper decisions.

Teens Drug Abuse prevention- Drug Testing Kits at Home

Signs & Symptoms of Drug Abuse

If you are to succeed in drug abuse prevention, then you have first to identify the bad habit.

The prominent changes noticeable in drug abusers are personal behaviors, as well as physical approaches. These arise in the early stages of abuse, so they are good early warning signs to watch for.

The drug abuse symptoms common notices with the used of the drug test are physical as well as emotional changes. These include: the teen showing

  • red eyes
  • noticeable difficulty in speaking
  • sudden weight loss or weight increase
  • deteriorating hygiene / no interest in personal grooming
  • aggression
  • arrogance
  • depression
  • easily irritated.

The social symptoms commonly associated with drug abuse include:

  • Dissociation from old friends while joining a new social group
  • sudden anger or even depression
  • Poor attendance and poor academics at schools
  • Spending a lot of time alone

Why Use a Home Drug Testing Kit

At-home drug tests are used to detect the presence of common drugs of abuse in a person’s urine, saliva or hair.

Use of the drug test kit is simple, easy and will provide instant as well as accurate results. They are cost effective and maintain your anonymity.

The drug testing kits are the best drug test method to use at home.

Most use urine, some saliva. Urine and saliva test kits will detect any drug use for up to 48 hours.

Hair drug tests are also becoming more popular. Hair drug tests can detect longer term use, typically between 7 and 90 days in the past.

Most test kits cost between $5 to $100, depending on the number of drugs tested and the method (hair, urine or saliva). Some may require you to send a sample to a lab and wait for results.

Home based drug testing kits are an effective preventative and early warning solution in controlling drug abuse among teens.  Use them as needed.

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