Useful Social Networking Sites for Physicians

Physicians are among the busiest employees. They have little time to use social media platforms. Therefore, it might be hard to find a doctor who is an active member of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn among other common social networking platforms.

However, in most cases, physicians need to keep in touch with peers and colleagues, especially when finding the best solutions for the patients.

Traditionally, physicians were able only to share little information within the broad medical community.

As a result, they had not alternative other than performing research in isolation and have limited access to journal publications. However, today things have changed.

There are some social networks and apps designed for physicians. They allow them to ask each other questions, share opinions, information and observation.

Useful Social Networking Sites

Social Networking Sites For Physicians

The following social networking sites are specifically for physicians, nurses, and medical students. They all address the privacy and security mandates of the healthcare industry. Therefore, members are free to ask health questions without fear of exposure.

General Connection Sites

These are sights where physicians can join to socialize and share general information.

1. Sermo

Sermo is the most popular social networking site for physicians. The sites connect only the certified physicians from across the globe. Sermo provides a platform where doctors can ask their peers questions regarding the care of their patients.

The site has a “Virtual doctors lounge,” which ensures real-time communication among the doctors. It’s right to describe sermon as the meeting place for the physician’s minds and hearts. The site observes the privacy and security of the members.

Doctors can speak freely without fear that the information they discuss can get back to their respective hospital administrators. The site identifies all members as anonymous. Sermo has over half a million users.

2. Ozmosis

Ozmosis is the place that transforms good doctors to great doctors. All the members admitted in this platform must be licensed physicians, and practicing healthcare in the United States.

This site is different from Sermo because it identifies every member of the place by their real name, credentials and the area of specialization. The best thing about this site is that it’s a networking hosting verified and trusted physicians. Therefore, the information you get is valid.

3. Doximity

Doximity is a recent site with a better design than Sermo. It targets physicians from the United States. The functionality of this site is more close to that of conventional social networking platforms like Facebook.

Therefore, a doctor can connect with other physicians he/she knows. Therefore, doctors can relate with their classmates, colleagues, are co-residents. Administrators of this site claim to have more members than the American Medical Association.

As a matter of facts, the majority of the doctors in the US are members of Doximity. This site has also functioned like LinkedIn since it has a job board and tools to track credits.

Physicians earn credits depending on the number of journals they read. Doximity also offers free faxing services from mobile phones.

4. QuantiaMD


QuantiaMD is a media and educational site for the doctors. The site provides video and presentations created by physicians in higher learning institutions.

Doctors from private sectors and community hospitals also set up and share videos and presentations on this site. The presentations cover a broad range of medical topics. They include commentaries, discussions and real-life case studies.

QuantiaMD is unique from other sites in that it has the “Cases and Challenges” section where members can test their knowledge. Members can also compete with other members within the network.

Specific Utility Sites

These sites offer specific services. Only people in need of the services can join these sites

5. Incision Academy

Incision Academy is more of an educational website than a social network. This site targets surgeons. It serves as a school for learning how to make cuts and sew then upon the human body.

The social aspect of the platform allows the doctors to share specific techniques with other surgeons from all over the world. The core value of the site is sharing skills, with the aim of improving surgical care in the world.

6. Doc2Doc

Doc2doc is a social networking forum that connects a community of student doctors, residents, interns as well as physicians. Doc2doc has members from all over the world.

The site offers forums, discussions, and blogs where doctors meet their colleagues and discuss issues. Physicians can address matters that are either clinical or non-clinical on this site.

The site is unique compared to other locations since it encourages the doctors to connect with colleagues from all over the globe. Therefore, it is a place that promotes self-education among the physicians.

7. Figure 1


Figure 1 is a social networking site that targets healthcare professional and medical students in more than a hundred countries. The platform allows doctors to share images and hold discussions with their colleagues concerning the pictures.

They also assess the model hence gaining more knowledge on rare illnesses. Therefore, a doctor may scroll down the images to identify the unique conditions in their patients.model hence gaining more knowledge on rare illnesses. Therefore, a doctor may scroll down the images to identify the unique conditions in their patients.

This site is unique in that it helps the physicians working in remote locations to connect with other doctors. Figure 1 also protects the privacy of the patient by removing faces and tattoos immediately a doctor uploads the image.

Therefore, it was difficult to identify the person in the uploaded images.

8. Google + Communities

Google Plus communities help to connect health practitioners, patients, and other stakeholders in the health sector. Some common sites in the Google Plus communities include Medical Apps, Digital Healthcare, Healthcare and Medical Software, and Medical Doctors Medicos Clinical Medicine.

Medical Doctor Site allows physicians to post favorite images and browse through the pictures for entertainment reasons. Medical Apps assist the medical students during their medical training.

Medical Doctors Medicos Clinical Medicine helps general physicians to connect with one another.

Social Networking sites assist the doctors to form a community. Doctors sometimes lack time to use the common social networking platforms. However, the above sites are specifically for them further bringing them together.

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