What Parents Can Do To Help To Protect Children From Prescription Drug Abuse

Prescription drug abuse has become one of the most dangerous drug habits for many teens. The problem is that most teens can find these drugs in their families, friends, even their grandparents medicine cabinet.  Most teens feel that these are safe because they belong to a family member and have been prescribed by a physician.  They do not realize that these drugs can be habit forming and that not everyone can take the same prescription.  They know that their friends are taking their Mom’s Vicodin or some other form of medication and they think that is pretty cool so they are going to try to see what kind of a buzz or high that they can get from whatever their parent or grandparent is taking.

Where Is The Danger?

With the teenagers feeling a false since of security in the prescriptions drugs, they are more likely to take them for their own high.  They are also being known to take them to school and share them with their friends or sell them to other students for extra money.  Not realizing that some of these drugs can cause an addiction or even an allergic reaction to someone’s system or with another medication that one of the students may be taking.  Many times they are not even sure what the medication is and any of these situations could cause death.  Not knowing and taking Grandpas blood pressure medication to school and selling it to another student could cause this persons blood pressure to drop to the point of death.  This can be a serious problem and as a parent or a grandparent of a teen it is time to take precautions.

What Can A Parent Do?

  • Keep their prescription medications somewhere safe maybe hidden in their bedroom
  • Talk to your teen and make them aware of the dangers
  • Keep the communication open with your teen letting them feel comfortable in               confiding in you
  • Make sure your teens friends parents and your family are aware of the problem
  • Watch for disappearing medications and monitor your teens behavior

Working Together

Prescription drug abuse is something that everyone in your child’s life needs to be aware of.  There are many things as a parent that you can do to help make sure that your child does not add to the statistics that are being published by the National Institute on Drug Abuse.  Talk to your children’s friend’s parents and make sure they are aware that this is becoming a problem among today’s teens.  If they were unaware, make sure to give them recommended ideas to keep this from being a problem in their house hold.  Do the same with all family members and friends that your teen may go into their home.

Working together will help to create a safer environment for your teen and might even save the life of him or her or one of their friends.  Awareness and communication are the number one things that as a parent you can do to help to keep your teenager safe. When you are talking with your teen, approach the subject delicately, do not go at them like you are accusing them or this could close the lines of communication.  Maybe print out a report from the National Institute on Drug Abuse involving this issue and ask your teen if they have seen this.  Listen to what they have to say, do not make this a controversial or bad conversation.  When you are talking to your teen about prescription drug abuse, be honest and sincere.
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